Introducing BioSolar Green Roofs, by Organic Roofs: the synergistic integration of renewable energy with biodiverse habitat creation.


There are several good reasons to integrate your solar array with a vegetated living roof. Foremost is the increase in yield that offers a quicker ROI. German & American research shows that cooling effect on the panels caused by evapotranspiration gives around 7% yield increase in optimum conditions.


BioSolar can also help to reduce insurance costs by avoiding the risks of multiple penetrations to secure the framework: green roof substrate ballasts the solar base and a fall-arrest for safe working can also be integrated, ensuring hassle-free health and safety compliance for O&M functions


While its important to get the green roof build up right (this sedum roof is stressed due to insufficient substrate) green roofs also offer biodiversity credits for BREEAM/Home Quality Mark (formerly Code for Sustainable Homes). Organic Roofs can design your roof to provide food sources & shelter for locally threatened species [see our Ecological Enhancements page]


On some developments, such as this one at Richardson’s Yard, the planting is kept separate from the panels. Despite evidence to the contrary in central Europe, there are concerns that the planting may affect the output of the panels. Here, however, it can be seen that the bi-annual maintenance visits by our trained staff can help the solar panels overcome a much more significant impact on performance! All our staff are trained in solar panel cleaning and maintenance.