There is no such thing as a ‘green roof’. Different depths of substrate, different planting, with or without irrigation, drainage or no drainage… At Organic Roofs we’re happy to be flexible about the build-up to achieve the desired planting effect – but we never skimp and meet or exceed national guidelines at all times for substrate depth.

Below you will find data-sheets for our most popular lines, but we can help clients, architects and specifiers develop exactly the right approach for each project

Haybase™ Lightweight Meadow

Finally, its no longer necessary to specify sedum for green roofs where weight and cost are project drivers.

Introducing HayBase, by Organic Roofs: an established low-embodied energy Swiss method for long-term green roofing applications where high bioversity, longevity, genuinely low install and O&M costings are key project criteria.

Turning waste agricultural by-products into construction materials with multiple wins for client, occupant and environment.

Locally-Relevant Meadow Roof

Our signature roofs: we research local ecological conditions and develop planting schemes and habitat feature design to provide exactly the nectar and shelter that pollinators and other creatures in your area need. With our locally-relevant Habitat Roof you are making a fantastic contribution to wider conservation efforts in your area.

As well as growing our own local- provenance seeds and plugs, we collaborate with small local charities and businesses to source materials for our habitat features ranging from old sleepers and branches to marine rope and bat boxes. We are also experts in rooftop water features.

Pregrown Green Roof

Pre-grown wildflower, sedum and turf roofs offer a good solution where instant coverage is required (although they continue to grow and develop once they are laid, around 70-90% is typical). The same building and environmental expertise that goes into our signature locally-relevant roofs is applied to their design, and we insist upon the same craftsmen’s finish in their installation.

We source all of our pre-grown flora from the very best suppliers in the country, and we always meet or exceed the GRO guidelines for the amount of substrate that is used (where other green roofs fail it is almost always because a decision has been taken to reduce the amount of substrate below the level at which plants can survive).