Dont let your initial green roof project spend go to waste: rejuvenate your dead or dying sedum roof quickly and cost-effectively with our range of restoration options.

Organic Roofs offers a First Aid course for struggling green roofs. We like to think of it as acupuncture – affordably targetting specific areas of the roof to provide areas of good growth and biodiversity potential. Making good on your investment without having to start all over.


We estimate that sedum roofs (like the one above at Huxley Building, University of Brighton) comprise at least 85% of the UK market – a sector worth £95M annually. However, many are installed below GRO Green Roof Code guidelines for substrate depth and diversity of species – and many are dead or looking very unhealthy within 2 years.

After a survey, we can add additional substrate in specific areas as well as land art and biodiversity features to provide beautiful visual counterpoints to the plant growth, and refugia for pollinators and other invertebrates we’ll help turn your roof into a home for.

On the occasions where a full replanting really does seem like the best idea, we have HayBase™ – a lightweight solution that is the same weight and cost as a GRO-compliant sedum roof.

Level Café, Brighton

Client: Brighton & Hove City Council

Infinity Foods, Brighton

Client: Infinity Foods Cooperative