We specialise in roofs designed to be ecologically-significant habitats that make a meaningful contribution to urban improvement. Organic Roofs can advise on local biodiversity priorities and help you design your roof to emulate the habitats of target species in your area.


We sow a mix of locally-relevant annuals and perennials roof, complementing this with some developed plants grown from seed at our mini-nursery on the Sussex coast. Within a couple of months you should notice seedlings, and at this stage its important to ensure the roof doesn’t dry out.

3-12 months

The vagaries of the British climate notwithstanding, your meadow will begin develop over the first growing season. The cornfield annuals – eg Corncockle, Poppy, Toadflax – will shoot up quickly. We call these ‘nurse plants’ because they nurture the space while the perennials get going.


As your roof moves into its second year, perennials such as Agrimony, Selfheal, Campion & Oxeye Daisy begin to develop. Pioneer species come and go, and by year 5 the roof should reach a ‘trophic state’ with around a dozen thriving species providing forage for pollinators.