We specialise in meadow roofs, with all their added benefits for your wallet, your building and its environment but also supply and install GRO-compliant quality sedum. Whatever the planting that suits your project, we have a green roof system that will thrive year after year.


Our signature roofs: deeper substrate, local provenance seeds and habitat features to provide exactly the food and shelter that pollinators and other creatures in your area need. With our meadow roofs you are making a fantastic contribution to conservation efforts, the materials for our Biodiversity Hotspots are sourced locally from not-for-profits, and the roofs are incredibly low maintenance!


Finally, its no longer necessary to specify sedum for green roofs where weight and cost are project drivers. HayBase, by Organic Roofs, is a Swiss-inspired lightweight green roof method where longevity and genuinely low install and maintenance costs are key project criteria. It turns waste agricultural by-products into low-cost construction materials with multiple wins for client, occupant and environment.


Pre-grown sedum roofs offer consistent, low-growing planting where instant coverage is required. We always install to a viable depth and only use the best sedum blankets with at least a dozen varieties of succulent. The same expertise that goes into our signature meadow roofs is applied to their design, and we insist upon the same craftsmen’s finish in their installation.