Award-winning green roofs

Pre-grown wildflower roof

All Organic Roofs specs are based on GRO Code guidance on green roof build ups, but we encourage deeper substrate depths wherever possible to increase biodiversity potential.

Ask us about our Habitat Upgrade package: a range of specially selected biodiversity hotspots for bees, butterflies and other invertebrates to improve the biodiversity contribution of whichever green roof you choose.


Saturated weight per m2: 25 kg
Depth: 25 mm


Saturated weight
per m2105-130 kg
Depth: 80 mm

Filter fleece
Drainage / reservoir board

Depth: 25mm

Geotextile protection
Waterproof Membrane
Plywood Deck

Depth: 9mm


Depth: 120mm

Vapour Control Layer
Plywood Deck

Depth: 18 mm


Additional information

Typical flowering season
April – September

Recommended maintenance regime

Biodiversity contribution

Species mix
41 species of native wildflower and roof-friendly grasses


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