Insulation and vapour control

In addition to waterproofing membranes Organic Roofs also offer a range of insulation and vapour control layers to suit every specification.

Current best practice in roof design typically requires insulation to be placed above the deck and protected from moisture-rich air from below causing condensation by a vapour control layer (VCL). Condensation can damage insulation and cause damp with associated health problems. Effective design prevents its occurrence by managing the egress of the moist air properly. This is done differently depending on the roof construction.

Cold Roof

Here the insulation sits between the joists, with an air gap above and the VCL below it, normally under the plasterboard. Any residual water vapour that does penetrate entering the roof dispersed through cross-ventilation provided by eaves vents or ‘mushroom’ vents projecting through the roof.

Warm roof

Better practice reduces risk of condensation by a) keeping the deck closer to room temperature through insulation and b) preventing moist air from reaching insulation with a vapour control layer (VCL) above the deck. Where retrofitting over an old roof the felt or asphalt can perform this role.

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  • design advice
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  • PV compatible

Organic Roofs are able to help diagnose and address problems with existing roof buildups and where problems with your current roof persists, we can suggest the best course of action to bring your roof into line with current best practice.

There are always several options for new build roofing systems and for retrofit, from overlay to complete replacement, and we have the expertise and supply chain to provide a competitive service for whichever is most suitable for your building.