Single-ply & liquid applied waterproofing

Organic Roofs provide warrantied and insurance backed single-ply and liquid applied waterproofing, with or without the addition of a green roof. EPDM is recognised by Greenpeace as the most environmentally-stable roofing product on the market, which has recently been proven to have a 50 year lifespan.

For green roofing applications especially, this is available in large factory-formed sheets made to the exact dimensions required for the roof. The speed of installation of large-sheet EPDM makes it a popular choice with architects and specifiers, as well as our contractor partners for whom being able to cover hundreds of meters of deck in one day keeps things moving on internal elements below.

Pre-fabricating membranes also eliminates the risk that traditional jointed systems pose. This is especially important for green roofs where it removes the need for a root barrier.

For jobs of greater complexity, for instance those involving lots of detailing or without the protection of a green roof layer on top, we also offer Resitrix, a glass-reinforced and bitumen-backed EPDM system available exclusively ‘off the roll’ and a moisture curing liquid applied system by our partners SIG.

For more information, download our information sheets below. As well as our waterproofing products, we offer a full with warm roof insulation and vapour control to provide a full-system service for your roof envelope. Visit our Warm Roof page for more information

  • 20 year manufacturer guarantee
  • 50 year (and still going) proven lifecycle
  • fully insured installation
  • lowest possible environmental impact
  • new build
  • retrofit
  • UV stable and rootproof



50 years