Award-winning green roofs

From the start we’ll explain our approach to green roofs and work together to produce the optimum design for you, your building, and its local environment


The main things we’ll need to find out include the kinds of plants you’d like to see growing because this tells us how much weight we’ll be adding. We can tell you if you need a structural engineer, and give you technical information to pass to them so they can assess what’s viable.

We’ll also check who’s doing the waterproofing [link to internal page] (or the condition of the existing). If you’re considering asking someone else to do this work, you’ll need to check whether their warranty covers our green roof.

Once we know what kind of planting we’ll be using, we can advise which care package you’ll need, and give you some information on how it supports local ecology (this info is sometimes needed by your planning authority).


We’ll be clear about what’s involved at every stage (and try to demystify the process!). We’ll provide a detailed quote showing every element of what we will do, a written summary of our agreement with you, your architect and contractor (showing who needs to have done what before we commence so that we can keep to our quoted price), and full, clear terms and conditions.

We’re also always on the phone to answer any questions that arise.


We’ll work with you and your team to integrate the green roof seamlessly into the build process. We promise jargon-free communication with all parties from start to finish with knowledgeable and enthusiastic team who care about the finish. We’ll do what we say, when we say we’ll do it (and if the weather intervenes, we’ll let you know and plan around it).

Post installation

We’ll ensure your new roof thrives, sending you a handover pack explaining what we’ve done and introducing you to some of the nature to look out for. We’ll also send copies of your warranties and signpost the next stages in the care of your Organic Roof.

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