Award-winning green roofs

Our team

We place exacting standards on ourselves, both in terms of our conduct during our time working at your property, in the standard of finish we deliver, and in our aftercare. We’re recognised throughout the industry for the quality of our service and diligence of our staff: we treat every project as the bedrock of our future growth and success.

Lee - Founder

Lee launched Organic Roofs after a period developing technical competence in Switzerland, which set his benchmarks for green roofing back home in the UK. He is one of the UK’s leading green roof experts, and although often still onsite also delivers talks and training to a wide variety of audiences in the UK, Europe and recently Central America. He is also constantly innovating to find ways to deliver European standards of quality to the more cost-conscious UK market.

Rupert - our experienced landscaper

Rupert began working on Organic Roofs projects in 2013. His standard of finish is second to none, as is his plant and technical knowledge. Rupert manages most London and home county installations and our maintenance rounds across the capital.

Simon - ops manager and all round saint

Simon is as close as a small business like Organic Roofs will get to an Operations Manager. Skilled carpenter, builder and roofer, Excel master, gadget enthusiast and patient saint, Simon’s been key to project delivery and business development since joining in 2014.

Matt - plant care expert and recycling god

Matt is the longest serving member of the team after his brother Lee. Plant care expert, waterproofing stoic and the company’s reuse and recycle ambassador, Matt also has worked as production manager for an immersive theatre company and set-builder for clients including Goldmsith’s, LCF and a number of photographers.

Stella - maintenance contract manager

Stella manages the maintenance contracts for Brighton and Sussex, and when not heading up set builds at Glastonbury, Latitude and other UK & Irish summer music festivals helps with some of our installs. She’s also a course administrator with Brighton Permaculture Trust, as if life wasn’t busy enough!

Will - landscape architect and creative director

Will is a landscape architect and Creative Director at London’s Edible Bus Stop. Between EBS’s award-winning projects and his collaboration with Lee on a range of outbuildings for garden bike and bin storage (link to page), Will also finds time to stay close to the coalface helping out on site with Organic Roofs’ installs.