Award-winning green roofs

Installation normally falls into two parts: waterproofing and green roof installation.


We use large sheet waterproofing materials wherever possible, so we can cover a lot of ground in a short space of time. We’ll talk this through with all parties (client, builder and architect) before we start but its normally on a couple of days even for large roofs to get them watertight and ready for the plants.

Green roof installation

Planting can happen quickly after the waterproofing has happened, or it can be delayed to allow other trades to complete their works. Even where this is happening its often a good idea to put some of the green roof materials in place to protect the membrane. For large and/or high roofs, we would usually require use of the mechanical lifting equipment onsite to get the material up before we distribute.


Most roofs can be done in one day or two, but where lifting equipment is not available this can take longer. We’ll produce a plan for every job so everyone knows what to expect, and can plan accordingly.

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