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Project Surgery

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It’s always a pleasure to work with Lee and the team at OR, we’re always happy to recommend them for living roof projects. Lee is knowledgeable and passionate about living roofs and urban green infrastructure. Importantly they understand the science behind living roofs meaning the quality of product is excellent and the associated outcomes for nature, people and climate resilience optimised.


Green Roof Project Surgery

We are not currently running our in-person workshops. Instead we are offering those with specific projects underway (or at concept stage) the same content condensed into an online ‘project surgery’ via Zoom. Usually lasting around an hour (but as long as it takes) we offer detailed design support with shared screen: all the need-to-knows, do’s & don’ts, components, suppliers, sequencing & care regimes for your project, whatever the size.

Tailored to your level of expertise whether homeowner, self-builder, architect or contractor, we’ll run through your/your clients’ plans, preferences and expectations and make sure you’ve got all you need for a successful install.

The link for booking can be found here or read on for more information

Please note: after payment, the app will show you the available slots and allow you to choose the most convenient. There are usually free slots every week. If you want to check availability prior to payment, please email help@greenroofrevival.com

Avoid costly mistakes, spot poor products and service with our online green roof design surgery