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Don’t let your initial green roof project spend go to waste: we launched www.greenroofrevival.com to help clients with poorly designed or poorly installed green roofs roof. We offer a diagnostic inspection with written recommendations so that you can compare our estimate to put things right against 3rd parties – or submit to insurers/LHBC in event of a dispute.

Call us to discuss how we can help, or get straight to it and book your inspection here – we can normally attend within 10 days (sooner where possible if its urgent) and another 3 tops to get your report and an estimate back to you

We estimate that sedum roofs comprise at least 80% of the UK market – a sector worth over £100M annually. However, many are installed below GRO Green Roof Code guidelines for substrate depth and diversity of species – and many are dead or looking very unhealthy within 2 years.

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