Help nature recover

Introducing BioSolar green roofs: the synergistic integration of renewable energy with biodiverse habitat creation.

Combining solar panels with vegetation is standard practice in continental Europe, although the UK built environment profession is still lagging behind in this forward-thinking, biophilic approach to urban design:

Benefits of solar green roof integrations

  • Return on investment. German & American research shows 7-20% yield increase in optimum conditions
  • Environment. Biodiversity credits for BREEAM/Home Quality Mark (ex-Code for Sustainable Homes)
  • Health and well-being. There is a large and growing evidence base showing that natural vistas increase happiness and performance. For instance Melbourne University study (2014) shows worker productivity increased by 15% by office looking out over wildflower roofs as opposed to asphalt
  • Reduced insurance/risk management. Green roof substrate ballasts the solar base, eliminating penetrations through waterproofing

Example of a solar integration on a green roof by Organic Roofs


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