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How we work

The Queen Caroline Estate project has delivered a locally inspired, bespoke gateway feature with raingardens, green roofs and vertical habitat panels. Organic Roofs' input was invaluable throughout the process - the result not only looks great but proves real ecological change is possible in the urban environment.

Stuart Taylor | Groundwork London


We kick things off with a brief call to explain our approach to green roofs, understand what you’re hoping to achieve and what constraints there may be – typically this work has been done by the design team & structural engineer already. If not, or substantive questions remain, we’ll recommend a Project Surgery [download link] which is our way of providing best in class, impartial advice without worrying whether the value we can add will be recouped through the tender process.

The Surgery is delivered via a Zoom call and is open to anyone involved in the project – client, architect, contractor. We’ll be able to go step by step through the plans, structural calcs, and any planning conditions. We can add particular value by

  • helping you think through how best to integrate with the rest of the build
  • what products and components you can economise on and which you shouldn’t
  • advise on waterproofing systems and how to combine/split up work packages
  • care regimes & robustness in the face of climate change

The cost for this detailed support is £149.  Prepayment can be made via our Stripe payment page.

While we’re confident of the value the Project Surgery can add to your design process, we understand that a paid-for session isn’t suitable for every enquiry. Where you’ve been able to source this project support elsewhere, and have a robust & viable green roof specification, we’re happy to provide an estimate FOC.

Simply email enquiries@organicroofs.co.uk appending your plan & section and a brief description of the project, or use the Enquiry Form and let us know how you’d like to be contacted.


We’ll do our utmost to communicate clearly at all times about what’s involved at each stage (and avoid jargon as much as possible ). Our estimates give a line by line breakdown of each green roof component, a written summary of our agreement with you, your architect and contractor (showing who needs to have done what before we commence so that we can keep to our quoted price), and full, clear terms and conditions.

We’re also always on the phone to answer any questions that arise.


We’ll work with you and your team to integrate the green roof seamlessly into the build process. We promise jargon-free communication with all parties from start to finish with our knowledgeable and enthusiastic people who care about the finish. We’ll do what we say when we say we’ll do it (and if the weather intervenes we’ll let you know and plan around it).


We’ll ensure your new roof thrives, sending you a handover pack explaining what we’ve done and introducing you to some of the nature to look out for. We’ll also send copies of your warranties and signpost the next stages in the care of your green roof. All our green roof maintenance is carried out by our sister company www.greenroofrevival.com