Award-winning green roofs

Pre-fabricating membranes also eliminates the risk that traditional jointed systems pose. This is especially important for green roofs where it removes the need for a root barrier.

For jobs of greater complexity, for instance those involving lots of detailing or without the protection of a green roof layer on top, our waterproofing partners will sometimes use Resitrix, a glass-reinforced and bitumen-backed EPDM system available exclusively ‘off the roll’ or, more frequently, a liquid-applied system that covers complex details like a GRP with fewer of the toxic ingredients.

Guaranteed waterproofing by our contracting partners

• 20-year manufacturer guarantee
• 50-year (and counting) proven lifecycle
• Insurance Backed Guarantees on workmanship
• Lowest possible environmental impact
• Suitable for new build & retrofit
• UV stable and root-proof

For more information, download our information sheets below. As well as our waterproofing products we can also take on the warm roof insulation and vapour control elements to provide a full-package service for your roof envelope.

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