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Install options

We can install your green roof on on new builds or existing roofs (retrofitting). The main things to consider in either case are structural strength and condition of the waterproofing, for which we can provide specific guidance during our Project Surgery.

The datasheets on our planting options pages below have indicative loadings which you can share with your Structural Engineer.

Typically new roofs can be designed to match the requirements of the planting you want to achieve (allowing a heavier, more durable build-up such as the plug and seed meadow, whereas existing roofs will either require strengthening or the deployment of a more lightweight green roof such as the HayBase. However, please note that HayBase is liable to moss encroachment in winter. This can retard meadow growth and encourage bare areas that make this approach unsuited to roofs which are overlooked.

Call, email or use the contact form and we can help you work out how to achieve the best kind of green roof for your property.