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Supported Self Installation

Whether you’re a self-builder undertaking your own Grand Design, or a contractor looking to save on costs we can work with you as a trusted partner to provide onsite expertise and support for your team.


We kick things off with a brief call to explain our approach to green roofs, understand what you’re hoping to achieve and what constraints there may be – typically this work has been done by the design team & structural engineer already. If not, or substantive questions remain, we’ll recommend a Project Surgery [download link] which is our way of providing best in class, impartial advice without worrying whether the value we can add will be recouped through the tender process.

The Surgery is delivered via a Zoom call and is open to anyone involved in the project – client, architect, contractor. We’ll be able to go step by step through the plans, structural calcs, and any planning conditions. We can add particular value by

  • helping you think through how best to integrate with the rest of the build
  • what products and components you can economise on and which you shouldn’t
  • advise on waterproofing systems and how to combine/split up work packages
  • care regimes & robustness in the face of climate change

The cost for this detailed support is £149.  Prepayment can be made via our Stripe payment page.

While we’re confident of the value the Project Surgery can add to your design process, we understand that a paid-for session isn’t suitable for every enquiry. Where you’ve been able to source this project support elsewhere, and have a robust & viable green roof specification, we’re happy to provide an estimate FOC.

Simply email enquiries@organicroofs.co.uk appending your plan & section and a brief description of the project, or use the Enquiry Form and let us know how you’d like to be contacted.


We work with the very best suppliers in the UK industry, both in terms of product and working relationships. We can put together a package for you delivered straight to site or introduce you to them to organise individual elements.


One of our experienced team can attend site on a day-rate basis and help you do the right things in the right order. Its not rocket science, but a little experience can go a long way.

Aftercare training

We offer our own in-house care packages for all the roofs we install ourselves, but we can also train you or a nominated person (eg gardener) on the basic elements of good green roof care – and we’ll do it on your newly installed roof so that the things you’ll learn will be directly relevant to the plants you’ve chosen.