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1-1 design support via Zoom: all the need-to-knows, do’s & don’ts, components, suppliers, sequencing & care regimes for your project, whatever the size. Tailored to your level of expertise whether homeowner, self-builder, architect or contractor

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If you’re thinking about a green roof there are plenty of sites which will walk you through the benefits.  But before you get to the fun part with the plants, there are a number of things to consider – advantages and disadvantages, care regimes, types of waterproofing, warranties, weight and so on.

Quite often, all of this has been thought out by architects and design practices who have worked with green roofs before – although, as our sister company Green Roof Revival can testify there is an awful lot of inconsistency out there.

dead sedum green roof revival

But there are many projects where the client, design team and builder are coming to the field cold. For those in this situation, generic information about benefits is all well and good – but there can be a leap from generalities to actionable information specific to the project.

Therefore, to help avoid the wild variations in outcomes that we’re seeing increasingly often, we’re now offering a digital design surgery that can be attended by all stakeholders in the project. You’ll take away a detailed guide to the process on your project so that you can be confident whoever wins the tender will install the right things in the right order, and understand how to look after them.

What’s involved?

Specific to your project, this is a Zoom call for as many participants as necessary to ensure a well-designed and smoothly executed green roof of any size: client, builder, architect, structural engineer.

We’ll run through every aspect of successful green roof design, specific to your project: do’s and don’ts, strengths and weaknesses of each specification, sequencing, integrating with building fabric, and care regime.

Lasting usually around 1 hour but as long as you need to get all the focussed advice and information on your specific project


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