Help nature recover

Designed by the award-winning practice Foster Lomas and constructed to impressively high standards using Scandinavian building systems (level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes), Hindman’s Yard is a rare example of an architect-led, new-build development in London.


Hindman’s Yard is a 4 unit residential development on the site of a former industrial area in the quiet, leafy streets of East Dulwich. Aside from the complex detailing around the skylights, the waterproofing was undertaken in 4 large sheets of Hertalan EPDM, run up and over the parapets (which we later capped with bespoke powder-coated aluminium). The build took place in two phases, with the 3 semi-detached units in the inital phase and the detached, partially-sunken single unit later on.

The green roof is a HayBase lightweight meadow overlaid with a little more substrate than usual (70-100mm).  After a full leak test the substrate was loaded in bulk bags via a crane  and distributed ready for planting.


After locating a number of nature hotspots around the roof, to provide shelter for invertebrates, the roof was seeded with our London Mix, a mixture of native perennial and annual wildflowers that includes all the target species which tend to be requested by London Borough planning departments. As you can the roof has developed wonderfully. We are pleased to have recently reconnected with the owners of the properties for whom we now provide our ongoing green roof care package on an annual basis.