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When the roof really does need to be completely redone, the root cause is usually the amount or quality of substrate that was used.

In very thin roofs, its just not possible to grow very much, so a first step is assessing whether the structure is strong enough to add more weight, and thereby enable enough to grow a wider variety of plants viably.

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Most roofs can usually add a little more – which can be ascertained by a structural engineer where necessary – but even where not, we have a lightweight alternative to thin sedum called HayBase (which replaces a lot of the heavy growing medium with lightweight agricultural waste), a method that has been practiced in Switzerland (where founder Lee Evans began his professional career in the field).

When undertaking a full replacement its often possible to reuse and retain some of the components that were used before. And because we’re interested in moving towards being a circular economy certified business, as well as the fact it saves you money – we’ll always try to wherever we can.

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